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“Knitty Spring 2013 has a cute pattern - Gardenias - that uses this yarn.”
Mar 6 2013 16:46:15 for “Classic Silk ” in Yarn U
“I love to read user comments! Please feel free to drop a comment about any of the entries, or other trails you think are worthy of a mountain biker's Lifelist. Any link to where I can get some info on the trail is very helpful, and especially helpful is your own experience of the trail. Views? Wildlife? Good parking? No parking?

Thank you all!”
Mar 6 2013 09:17:30 in Fat Tire Bucket List
“Hy! Is Chanel store far from Monte Napoleone street?”
“No, it's on Via Sant'Andrea a side street of Montenapoleone.”
- Stef Smulders, Author
“We did the reserve tasting and it was exceptional....cheese and bread provided as accompaniment. Ales stayed at Wedmore Place and had dinner there. Exquisite room and delicious dinner. Check out the beautiful library.”
Mar 6 2013 07:57:16 for “Williamsburg Winery & Lodging” in Virginia Wine In My Pocket
“Love this app and all it's insider tips! I feel thoroughly educated on the best spots in Puerto! Thanks for saving me so much time on research and planning. Can't wait to arrive in just 1 week!!!”
Mar 6 2013 06:55:12 in Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials
“I have never been there before but my dad said we might go this fall. I have been reading so many book and watching movies about Walt Disney World!”
Mar 6 2013 03:26:47 in Best of Disney
“when we arrived here the other day it was closed. upon asking a staff member when it would open he said "maybe in the summer."

amazing view though. we had a picnic anyway!”
Mar 6 2013 02:04:24 for “Bardini Gardens” in Eat Florence
“Love to see the lighthouse in Muskegon, makes me homesick.”
Mar 5 2013 23:04:55 for “Muskegon South Pierhead Light” in Michigan Lighthouses
“Thank you Wendy! Robb”
Mar 5 2013 17:14:17 for “The Augustus” in Seattle Cocktail Culture
“Great food and service.
I will come back.”
Mar 5 2013 15:54:51 for “Windsor & Eton: Carpenters Arms” in London Travel: a Guide to Great Day Trips
“If anyone's looking for additional restaurant recommendations (not listed in the guide yet), please get in touch. I'm in the process of adding more dining options to the guide (amongst other things!), but I'd rather you not have to wait! Just let me know the type of food and/or price range, and I'd be happy to help.”
Mar 5 2013 10:34:49 in Oahu Travel Guide
“Excellent yarn store!! They are they only one in Florida, that I have found , that actually have spinning wheels and a small variety of looms available. Very friendly and helpful and seemed busy the day I was there. I will definitely return. Large supply if yarns and needles. Love the knit wrapped palm tree out in front of the store!!!”
Mar 5 2013 05:57:01 for “A Good Yarn, Florida” in Yarn Store GPS
“Love it”
“Mahalo! Your readership is much appreciated.”
- Jasmine Cronin, Author
Mar 5 2013 00:54:39 in Oahu Travel Guide
“The Ugly House (Ty Hyll) should be included in the food section. The food is better than its sister cafe at Llanwrst (Ty Hwnt). The most major omission is surely Ffin y Parc, the Country House Art Gallery about 1 mile south of Llanwrst. Not only is it a major Gallery with new exhibitions each month, but it serves superb food (try the quiche) and coffee in a magnificent setting.”
Mar 5 2013 00:39:09 in North Wales Explorer
“We've moved to 3851 Main Street where we've added a dye studio. It's a cute little house.”
Mar 5 2013 00:06:34 for “CommuKnitty Stash” in Yarn Store GPS
“"The PLAN is the generator" said Le Corbusier - so- look at the plan of 860 - 880 N Lake Shore Drive - the placement of the two towers and their relationship to Lake Shore Drive and the grid of Chicago. These apparently simple glass and steel blocks conceal a subtle and ingenious juxtaposition which every aspiring architect should study”
Mar 4 2013 20:08:52 for “860-880 Lake Shore Drive” in Chicago Architecture
“Vermilion Bay in Lafayette, La. is no longer in business. There is a new shop called Yarn-It in Broussard, La. Their address is: 817-F Albertson Parkway, Broussard, La. 70518, (337) 837-4009.

The shop is small, but very well stocked for a new company. New yarns come in frequently and the owner and staff are friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming.”
Mar 4 2013 19:19:05 for “About this App” in Yarn Store GPS
“One of the most beautiful places in the world.”
Mar 4 2013 19:07:41 for “Pemaquid Point” in Maine Coast Revealed
“Please include a trip to Cape York”
Mar 4 2013 18:01:43 for “* Gibb River Road” in Australian Road Trips
“Hi Sara, I also love your guide! I send my prayers, and best wishes to you.”
Mar 4 2013 16:15:52 for “24 Hours in Las Vegas” in Viva Las Vegas, Baby!
“On the free version there a 27restaurants listed. How many restaurants are in the upgraded version?”
“Aloha! Thanks for writing. There are the following number of entries in each of the food and drink categories listed below:

Cheap Eats & Quick Bites: 17
Bars & Drinks: 18
Divine Desserts: 10
Fine Dining: 10
Restaurants: 28

The number of restaurant entries will most likely double over the course of the next month as I'm starting to add more content. You are welcome to wait to upgrade until then, or if you choose to buy it now, the app will automatically notify you that new content is available for free.”
- Jasmine Cronin, Author
Mar 4 2013 15:49:57 in Oahu Travel Guide
“Thank you Sara. I contacted a host and i got 2 rooms. Both are comped for the saturday and sunday nights and special rate for the next 2 nights. Persistence is the key . Although the first host i spoke to didn't want to help me out, the 2nd one actually looked up my card number and realized i wasn't lying about how much we spend.”
Mar 4 2013 15:42:24 for “Planet Hollywood” in Viva Las Vegas, Baby!
“Hi, I will be taking a trip to Costa Rica with a friend in June. We are only 19 so we can't rent a car. We would like to stay for 7-10 days. I was looking at all the wonderful parks And locations you wrote about hoping to narrow down to a few places we can visit. It's to hard and overwhelming. I was hoping you had a small list of recommendations of locations. We aren't very experienced travelers yet so we are hoping to come up with a organized planned trip.”
“hey Ashley,
You guys are gonna have a blast! I have lots of advice, too much for this little window. Check out my response on my blog:

And if you liked my app, could you do me the favor of reviewing it? Thanks so much!
- Erin Van Rheenen, Author
Mar 4 2013 14:41:45 for “Driving” in Costa Rica Trip Ideas
“A question: we are looking for an intimate venue for a meal and a concert (indie/ folk music) to celebrate my birthday next Thursday, 7th March. Someplace downtown, it is our first time to visit Montreal. Any suggestions? Deirdre from Ireland.”
“Bonne Fete! Yes, Sala Rossa in Plateau has reasonable Spanish eats and a really intimate live music space -there is a band Thursday only $9. Metropolis has Animal Collective Friday about $25. Then just go bar hopping! Crescent St downtown is very touristy but tons of bars/lounges/restos. In Plateau near Sala Rossa along St. Laurent Blvd, St Denis St. and Mont Royal Ave - tons of bars, cafes, specialty shops - just stroll. Lots of eats on Duluth Prince Arthur. OK to email me Steve”
- Steve Howell, Author
Mar 4 2013 14:33:55 for “La Sala Rossa” in Montreal Essential Guide
“Maybe add St Matthias Chamber Music series. Free.”
Mar 4 2013 10:18:42 in Asheville Explorer's Guide
“Is this place awesome”
“I think Oahu's pretty awesome! Was there a particular place you were thinking of?”
- Jasmine Cronin, Author
Mar 4 2013 07:27:21 in Oahu Travel Guide
“This place is amazing! We took a couple of toddlers and they loved it even though a donkey braying scared the bejesus out of them both. Cow milking, guinea pig petting, and loads of other animals to see. The cafe had a great menu including wonderful lunch options for the kids.”
Mar 4 2013 03:24:47 for “Collingwood Children's Farm” in Melbourne Essential Guide
“We had a gorgeous breakfast here - loved it. Food was delicious and it was nice not to be in one of the many average looking cafes on Acland Street. Felt a lot more local compared to the tourist strip.”
Mar 4 2013 03:22:19 for “Il Fornaio” in Melbourne Essential Guide
“We had an amazing dinner at the restaurant 9.
Calamari salad was fantastic. Dorado
And lamb chop was flavorful
Our waiter was fun and helpful
Will go back!”
Mar 4 2013 01:08:42 for “Gusto” in Eat Rome
“If you want a sports book, this is the most relaxing one to watch the game in.”
Mar 4 2013 01:05:54 for “Lagasse's Stadium” in Viva Las Vegas, Baby!
“Addictive! I crave these when I'm home.”
Mar 4 2013 01:04:24 for “Fat Tuesday” in Viva Las Vegas, Baby!
“Line was super long even though it was the middle of the afternoon and to food was only ok. They had a lot of "ethnic food" but the flavors were all dumbed down and bland.”
Mar 4 2013 01:01:13 for “Carnival World Buffet” in Viva Las Vegas, Baby!
“Meatball sub was great drunk food at 4 am! Cheap too!”
Mar 4 2013 00:55:58 for “Earl of Sandwich” in Viva Las Vegas, Baby!
“My husband and I ate dinner here on a week night. We has reservations so we didn't wait at all. Service was great and the food was amazing. 5 star food with 3 star prices! It was really nice to eat at a celebrity Chef's restaurant with out breaking the bank.”
Mar 4 2013 00:54:19 for “Bouchon” in Viva Las Vegas, Baby!
“Hi I will be in your city mid March to celebrate my birthday, a girls weekend a day trip to Napa Valley,and a Spa day can you suggest a club/ lounge that plays Hip Hop music I will be staying in the Union Square area”
“For live music, I'd check the calendar at the Independent (and the Fillmore, although it's less hip hop oriented). Otherwise, check out Mighty, Little Baobob... and possibly Public Works. Have fun and let me know if you have more specifics and/or questions :)”
- Kevin Collins, Author
Mar 3 2013 19:29:00 for “The Independent” in San Francisco Exploration Guide
“Love your new app!”
Mar 3 2013 16:14:35 for “Jenny Peterson” in Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens
“Does anyone know if that wonderful singer lady in the white is there everyday? Or what times she performs? Thanks!”
Mar 3 2013 14:24:36 for “Museo del Ron” in Havana Good Time
“Loved the paired tastings but the wine stands alone-wonderful. Hope to meet Doug sometime. We were told today he is consulting for Le Grange now. Should be more good VA wine!”
Mar 3 2013 13:35:44 for “Fabbioli Cellars” in Virginia Wine In My Pocket
“Hi Sarah...We're arriving in Vegas on March 31st-April 3rd and staying at Harrahs. Do you know (or have they even announced yet) if the pools at Caesars Palace will be opened by then?...Thanks in advance for your help and we LOVE your app!”
Mar 3 2013 13:06:29 for “Caesars Palace” in Viva Las Vegas, Baby!
“Now behind the Penalty Box
Great app
Appreciate your hard work in compiling.
Must be difficult to keep current in this ever-changing town.”
Mar 3 2013 12:18:13 for “La Galeria del Puerto ” in Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials
“There are some awesome bars in Beverly like Horse Thief Hollow on 104th & Western Ave. please go check out the Southside St. Patrick's Day Parade route.”
Mar 3 2013 11:21:50 in Chicago Taverns & Tales
“Great place to hang out , shelling is pretty good here to . Sun sets are good during summer with the sun setting on one side and the moon coming up the other side what a sight.”
Mar 3 2013 09:00:05 for “Causeway Beach” in Sanibel & Captiva Island Selective & Seductive
“Great new family run distillery with free tastings and friendly, comfy atmosphere to add to your list in Lake Leelanau:”
Mar 3 2013 07:00:01 in Up North! Grand Traverse
“hi! my husband and i will be in san francisco for 3 days... we are planning to stay near the union square east area... may i know how handicapped friendly (wheelchair accessibility) is the area or the sites and attractions of SF in general? he wants to go see and be on the golden gate bridge”
“SF in general has hills, but the Downtown area (adjoining Union Square) is mostly landfill (originally, you can't tell now) and very flat. I would explore the Embarcadero, Crissy Field and drive to the Golden Gate Bridge (can you park in a handicapped spot?) - all the major indoor destinations are wheelchair friendly, and many other as well. The hills are the main thing, I think. Please let me know how it goes :)”
- Kevin Collins, Author
Mar 3 2013 06:28:50 for “Crissy Field” in San Francisco Exploration Guide
“Very good cheap food, although aimed at a younger crowd- I draw the line at eating in Havana to the strains of Abba. The restaurant is owned by the family who run the excellent Casa Dania on Obrapia, which we can highly recommend.”
“Unfortunately, eating in Havana to the strains of Abba is what the new economy looks like, by and large. Prepárate!”
- Conner Gorry, Author
Mar 3 2013 04:24:05 for “El Chanchullero” in Havana Good Time
“We blew our only Saturday night in Havana on the Bolero night, which turned out to be hideous Euro-schlock karaoke (!?!) at ear splitting volume. UNEAC might consider the irony of promoting karaoke, given the quality of under-employed musicians in the city. Avoid.”
“That sucks. Sorry you had this experience. For others reading this: it always pays to call ahead to see if a function is actually happening (I showed up for a jazz concert last week that had been cancelled) and what it is. Cubans LOVE karaoke by the way and for locals, this is probably a stellar night out.”
- Conner Gorry, Author
Mar 3 2013 03:42:24 for “Huron Azul” in Havana Good Time
“This is the third Elizabeth Minchelli recommendation we've tried and all have been as described. Our fish servings were large and delicious. Simple but good menu and so reasonably priced. Dinner for two including a litre of vino de casa 38 Euros. Placed was packed but worth the short wait. Love these homey feeling finds.”
Mar 2 2013 22:24:24 for “Dar Filettaro” in Eat Rome
“Literally yes, a hole in the wall. Initially overlooked it and spent some time finding it but well worth it. No card to fill out. Food and service were fantastic. What a wonderful recommendation. Had a sharing menu suggested by the waitress which included, sausage and polenta (to die for). Zucchini antipasti, including deep fried zucchini, ravioli with ricotta cheese, meatballs. All were fantastic! Will be going back here.”
Mar 2 2013 22:19:53 for “Sora Margherita” in Eat Rome
“Markham Park in Sunrise, FL is another great park in south Florida. My personal favorite for mountain biking.”
“That's a great one too. It's not in the app since it isn't a state park, but a nice county park.”
- Sandra Friend, Author
Mar 2 2013 17:20:27 in Florida State Parks
“they also have a killer major sandwich”
“Thanks for contributing! What was in the sandwich? I don't remember that name being on the menu, but I tend to go for the Mahi Mahi sandwich so my memory may be foggy. Would love to try it out!”
- Jasmine Cronin, Author
Mar 2 2013 15:55:01 for “Ted's Bakery” in Oahu Travel Guide
“I can't seem to find the Musee de l'armee anywhere on this app. Is there any reference to this military history museum anywhere?”
“No, I did not include it yet; it's only free for under 18s, but I'll put it on the list for the next update.”
- Christopher Pitts, Author
Mar 2 2013 02:06:47 in Free & Frugal Paris
“Don't forget to put the new Maria Hines restaurant on the app!”
Mar 1 2013 18:52:58 in Seattle's Best Dining
“I eat here any chance I get. The food and service always delight. They have a great happy hour. Worth trying to find a parking space!”
Mar 1 2013 18:50:34 for “Carmelita” in Seattle's Best Dining
“We will be in town march 21-25 march madness opinion on any new sports books or bars to watch games at? Looking for a fun atmosphere and not get killed on drinks. Thanks”
Mar 1 2013 18:49:16 in Viva Las Vegas, Baby!
“Is this marché open Mondays?”
“No, I'm afraid it's only open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.”
- Christopher Pitts, Author
Mar 1 2013 17:05:39 for “Marché Monge” in Free & Frugal Paris
“Something is eating my Hosta. How can I stop this and find out what.”
“If you have a Master Gardener program in your area, they typically operate a help desk (sometimes just by phone) and can advise you based on a leaf sample. Nine times out of ten, though, the culprit is snails. Hostas are like catnap to them.”
- Susan Morrison, Author
Mar 1 2013 16:37:51 for “Hosta 'Cat's Eyes'” in Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens
“Always enjoy your app! Roaring Camp Big Trees Railroad in Felton, CA, as well as Redwood Canopy Tours, in Mount Hermon, CA are recommended! Check them out! Also, The Hacienda, Jolon, CA, the former Julia Morgan designed hunting lodge of William Randolph Hearst, is a unique overnight. Dine with military on the base at Fort Hunter Liggett and tour Mission San Antonio de Padua!”
“Thanks for the great recommendations, Nancy! We'll try to get these covered and included in our next update. :) Veronica”
- Veronica Hill, Author
Mar 1 2013 13:12:43 for “About this App - What's New?” in California Essential Travel Guide
“So cute”
Mar 1 2013 12:41:04 for “Cashmere” in Fabric U
“City pass is now $106”
Mar 1 2013 07:31:55 for “CityPass” in New York City Essential Guide
“It now costs $4 each way”
“Thanks for letting me know!”
- Chelle Koster Walton, Author
Mar 1 2013 07:08:24 for “Ferry Boat” in Nassau Selective & Seductive
“Just wanted to say THANK YOU :) very helpful !”
“You're welcome! Enjoy.”
- Chelle Koster Walton, Author
“The Barns at Hamilton Station I believe is no longer on the app? Or maybe I couldnt find it”
“Hi Alex - yep, it's there. Look under "B" instead of "T" and be sure to let us know what you think!”
- Nancy Bauer & Rick Collier, Author
Mar 1 2013 05:27:24 in Virginia Wine In My Pocket
“Where can I find the best southern cocktail drinks?”
“How can I search for the wineries in an area that have some event on a certain date range?

For example: I want to visit some local wineries this weekend but like to go to the ones that have some sort of music playing. I see how I can filter by events, but I want to enter the date too.

I can do this with one if the Virginia Winery web sites.”
“Hi there - for now, I recommend the Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office's site at for events. We're relaunching our website with a lot of new features this spring - the ability to save your tasting notes, rate wineries/wine, leave comments and track which wineries you've visited. We may be able to tackle an events calendar like this at some point, but Rick and I still have day jobs, I fear.”
- Nancy Bauer & Rick Collier, Author
Feb 28 2013 20:20:17 in Virginia Wine In My Pocket
“Hi Sara we are visiting again in April two of us plus taking wheelchair, booked a car last time which was quite expensive. Would we be ok do you think just getting in a taxi to the strip ? Wheelchair folds and friend is ok as log as sitting at front with seat pushed back.
Thanks for all your previous help your knowledge has been invaluable to us!”
Feb 28 2013 12:38:51 for “Accessible Las Vegas” in Viva Las Vegas, Baby!
“Could you tell me what the weather is like in San Francisco. Coming to San Fran for the summer from Ireland? Thanks :)”
“This is an excellent practical question. Overall, spring and autumn in San Francisco can be glorious, warm, and sunny. The summer, as Mark Twain observed, can be chilly due to the fog. His famous comment was, "The coldest winter I ever spent was my first summer in San Francisco." Winter can be overcast and rainy, but may be clear and sunny, depending on the year. For specific days of your trip, Google Weather in San Francisco, and learn instantly what are the prospects. Enjoy San Francisco, Lee Foster”
- Lee Foster, Author
Feb 28 2013 12:04:58 in San Francisco Travel and Photo Guide
“It s very god”
Feb 28 2013 10:35:26 for “Arènes de Lutèce” in Free & Frugal Paris
“What is the best time (or least crowded) to go to the top of the Empire State Building? My 12 yr old and I will be going in early April. Are there any specific places or things that you would recommend also? We are on a budget, but would love tips on inexpensive good food too. Love your app! Many thanks. Katie”
“Hi Katie, try 8-10am, dinner time, or after 11pm. Save even more time buying tix online ( they're good for 1 yr. For inexpensive food, eat ethnic in Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Italy. I list recommended spots for each. Cafe Edison, Eisenberg's, Corner Bistro, Fanelli Cafe, Shake Shack, Gray's Papaya offer good value as does pizza at Grimaldi's, John's, Lombardi's. If staying in Times Sq, eat in Hell's Kitchen on 9th Av. All these spots are in the app :)”
- Jeffrey Tanenhaus, Author
Feb 28 2013 09:59:26 for “Empire State Building” in New York City Essential Guide
“I've been to her gallery it's really cool!”
“Glad you enjoyed it - thanks for letting us know...”
- Janice Mucalov, Author
Feb 28 2013 07:42:34 for “Adele Campbell Fine Art” in Whistler Travel Guide
“I don't suppose it would be possible to list places for symphonic performances, or opera. Many churches have evening concerts in Paris. Is this done in Rome? This app is just wonderful. I see one grammatical error that I'll point out another time. I'm in contact with your mother through friends, but our plans haven't gelled yet. We have gotten rooms through your recommendations. Not your first choice, which was booked, but your second. Thank you sooo much Mary Ann Eagle”
“Hi Mary Ann, yes many churches do have concerts, but they aren't really posted yet. Your best bet is to talk to your concierge. And thanks!!!! ciao!”
- Flaminia Chapman, Author
Feb 27 2013 15:02:19 in Rome Insider's Guide
“This is our first visit to This first class restaurant, and it was a wonderful experience. Excellent food with equally good service. Highly recommended.”
Feb 27 2013 14:41:00 for “Olio e Convivium” in Eat Florence






Feb 27 2013 05:17:24 in Eat Rome
“This place is always crowded at lunch and for good reason. My favorite restaurant/ stand. In the market.”
Feb 27 2013 04:38:10 for “Nerbone” in Eat Florence
“Great place for a quick bite between classes. Fast service and good procetta sandwich.”
Feb 27 2013 04:36:32 for “Pork's” in Eat Florence
“The food is heavenly and the staff is very friendly. I asked them what they recommend and every time they made great recommendations. My favorite place in Florence. Can get wine, prima plata, and secondo plata for 20 euros.”
Feb 27 2013 04:34:44 for “Fagioli” in Eat Florence
“Visited the Gamble plantation last week.
Tour was excellent, well worth the trip and the money.”
Feb 26 2013 23:40:32 for “Gamble Plantation” in Florida State Parks
“I think this app is such a great idea. Being a Yorkshire native I really need green spaces and I really can't wait to explore the places you have chosen. I think it's nice to have a curated list in places as big as London as sometimes the choice can get overwhelming. The filters help with this as well. Good job!”
Feb 26 2013 22:49:22 in London Parks & Gardens
“The recent hot air balloon tragedy in Egypt reports that a cable could have rapped around a helium tube causing the fire. Why does a hot air balloon have helium and since helium is an inert element, how can it cause a fire, I.E. chemical reaction?”
Feb 26 2013 22:08:10 for “Balloon museum” in Albuquerque Essential Guide
“Muchas Gracias por incluirnos!
Pueden checar nuestros eventos y promociones en el grupo y página de Casa Babylon en Facebook o en nuestro pizarrón.”
Feb 26 2013 10:44:14 for “Casa Babylon” in Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials
“Great app. Have used it alot while in Puerto and it hasn't steered us wrong yet.”
Feb 26 2013 06:26:00 in Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials
“There is wrong link to East Bedarra Island Retreat. More info at”
“Hi and thanks for your pointing out the incorrect link. We've corrected it and it will appear in next update.
- Fiona Harper, Author
Feb 26 2013 05:22:02 for “Bedarra Island” in Great Barrier Reef: The Ultimate Guide
“Pandas restaurant is great”
Feb 25 2013 19:55:31 for “Tamarindo” in Costa Rica ¡Pura Vida!
“Good food ... Music way too loud ... at lunch time!”
Feb 25 2013 18:38:37 for “Fish Taco & Beer” in Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials
“Enjoyed the air conditioned room upstairs from lobby in hotel nacional. Minimum 15 minutes (for 2.50 CUC).”
Feb 25 2013 17:35:35 for “Internet” in Havana Good Time
“Was able to change some Canadian dollars late one night at Hotel Telegrafo close to Capitolio and Gran Teatro in Habana Vieja, even when Hotel Inglaterra refused because my bill had a small cut on one corner.”
Feb 25 2013 17:32:58 for “Cadeca (Money change)” in Havana Good Time
“Kids 12 and under are free!”
“Great info, thanks!”
- Conner Gorry, Author
Feb 25 2013 17:28:59 for “Habana Bus Tour” in Havana Good Time
“If you need to pick up some extra cigars before departure, they are available duty-free in the airport!”
Feb 25 2013 17:26:15 for “Casa del Habano” in Havana Good Time
“Good food and great experience overall. Cheap. Loved the piano man ;)”
Feb 25 2013 17:24:03 for “La Roca” in Havana Good Time
“For those of us on a shoestring budget and/or trying to stick to places where the majority of Cubans can eat, it's pricey here. Luckily they were able to pack up about half of my meal which I had for lunch the next day.”
“Very good point, thanks for making it. This place IS on the expensive side – especially when you keep in mind that the average monthly salary here is around $25.”
- Conner Gorry, Author
Feb 25 2013 17:22:49 for “La Moraleja” in Havana Good Time
“Enjoyed a "salad" of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla for dos pesos en moneda nacional after waiting for only 12-15 minutes in main level line ("cola"). Highly recommended!”
Feb 25 2013 17:20:11 for “Coppelia” in Havana Good Time
“Did some great negotiating here. Handy spot, and on the T1 Hop On/Hop Off Bus route. Also close to the very affordable La Roca restaurant.”
Feb 25 2013 17:17:58 for “Feria de la Rampa” in Havana Good Time
“Hi, me and a friend are heading to San Francisco in the summer (around early August)! Is there any particular district and/or street that has a great selection of bars and clubs in relatively close walking distance from each other? Plus is there any great clubs or bars on sutter street near to Polk street?”
“Hi Liam, sorry to be slow to your last question - the Mission is a great bars + restaurants neighborhood. Polk and Sutter is a good spot too - there are more bars than clubs here (no big ones), but the Red Devil Lounge is reliably fun and usually has live music.”
- Kevin Collins, Author
Feb 25 2013 12:00:27 in San Francisco Exploration Guide
“Hi Connor,
Thanks for such a great app. It's been so helpful in planning our trip to Havanna in a few weeks (soooo excited!!). Just wanted to ask you a quick question, how much can you expect to pay for a private tour guide per day in Havana? And also do you know any good ones you can recommend? :)
Thanks again!”
“Hi there! You should be able to get a good guide/translator for $50/day. Some tips include testing their level of English skills before contracting, specifying how many hours you’d like them for a day, and paying as you go – not for an entire week, say, beforehand. I do not have anyone to rec’d unfortunately: all the best folks I know are booked up. Good luck!”
- Conner Gorry, Author
Feb 25 2013 08:10:02 for “About the Guide” in Havana Good Time
“I love this app and can't wait to use it again during my next visit to Rome. Suggestion: perhaps a drop down for spots good for solo diners?”
“Thanks! Actually, every single place in the app is fine for single diners. I often dine alone for work and never feel out of place.”
- Elizabeth Minchilli, Author
Feb 25 2013 06:41:37 in Eat Rome
“You are right about this little coffee shop, I will have to tell those at home who told me to prepare for a couple of weeks of mediocre coffee to drop in here when in Chiang mai. Beautiful macchiato and very friendly atmosphere, happens to be about 8 or 10 minutes walk from my room. Good spot to catch up with what's happening in the world, it's just a shame Australia is getting thrashed in the cricket! The staff here will know me by name before I go home!!”
Feb 25 2013 06:09:16 for “Akha Ama Coffee” in Chiang Mai Travel Essentials Guide
“Feb, 2013
Just tried to visit the Forbidden City today to find out it is closed on Monday's in the winter.”
“Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I hadn't heard about this. Have just doubled checked and this is the deal: From Jan 1st to March 31st this year (2013) the Forbidden City will be closed for maintenance every Monday afternoon. So if you have no choice but to see the Forbidden City on a Monday, make sure you go in the morning.”
- Daniel McCrohan, Author
Feb 25 2013 05:06:38 for “Forbidden City” in Beijing on a Budget
“Just downloaded today, very nice app. Well done! Good luck with the book.”
Feb 25 2013 03:51:10 in Monaco Travel
“I travelled with my 14month old to stock up and try the coffee,it was worth the taxi ride. Went away happy beans with plenty of fresh ground coffee too.”
Feb 25 2013 03:36:10 for “Tazza D'Oro” in Eat Rome
“I stayed here a couple nights recently. Jesus is a sweet person but I felt like I was staying at a hostel not a Casa particular. If you want to be in habana vieja and don't mind sharing a gritty bathroom with working chicas, this might be the place for you.”
“Ugh. Working chicas and all that entails can put a damper on all sorts of things – including peaceful sleep. Plus gritty/grotty bano? Sucks double. Sorry you had this experience and I very much appreciate you writing in with it.”
- Conner Gorry, Author
Feb 24 2013 18:59:23 for “Casa de Diosmilda” in Havana Good Time
“We loved this place! Tried all of your suggestions: cafe arabe, lamb Ararat, hummus, all were excellent. The chicken dish with honey was very good too. They now do mehndi on your hands or other body parts. Cool place for a special occasion!”
Feb 24 2013 18:52:18 for “El Beduino” in Havana Good Time